Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Inspector Spacetime!

In last week's third season premiere episode, Community brilliantly (albeit briefly) parodies Doctor Who with a clip from "Inspector Spacetime", which Britta shows Abed in an attempt to distract him from the fact that Cougar Town (a show he loves so much he actually cameo'd on it) has been pushed back to mid-season replacement status. From this brief, 25-second sequence an internet fanbase was born, and although it's still only early days (and I do mean days, literally) the Inspector Spacetime meme is gathering steam like crazy. Oh internet, it's reasons like this that you're awesome.

"Inspector Spacetime" (t-shirt) by Rex Raygun

"Inspector Spacetime" (poster) by Jonny Eveson

(Click for full-size)
Selections from "Inspector Spacetime Confessions"

"Inspector Spacetime" clip from Community

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