Monday, January 31, 2011

Drunk Moogles, Tipsy Chocobos, Hammered Metroids and More.

The Drunken Moogle, maintained by Mitch Hutts and Travis Broyles, explores one very specific arena: the space where drinking and videogames meet. From Mitch's own description of the site, The Drunken Moogle is:
... a blog devoted to what might be the two best things this side of Hyrule: video games and booze. Though the generation of gamers who grew up with Mario, Sonic, and Final Fantasy gains new interests, some hobbies never change. We at TDM are dedicated to bringing the evolving gamer the perfect pairing between gaming and drinking culture.
While this is a noble endeavor on the whole and one which I endorse heartily, the true genius of The Drunken Moogle are the gaming-inspired cocktails which Mitch and Travis have compiled, if not concocted themselves. I have yet to apply my own not-insignificant barcrafting skills to any of the recipes below, but rest assured I will do so in due time and report back on the results.

THE BLANKATINI (Street Fighter)

Blankatini (Street Fighter Cocktail)

1.5 oz. green apple vodka
1 oz. melon liqueur

Directions: Pour both ingredients into a cocktail glass and stir. Line the rim of the glass with orange sugar or cotton candy and garnish with a lemon peel. Drink and try not to get electrocuted.