Monday, September 19, 2011

Super Mario Bros. 3 - Vancouver Skytrain Map

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Dave, of Dave's Geeky Ideas, recently posted this very excellent map of my hometown's Skytrain routes in the style of Super Mario Bros. 3. If you aren't a local, you may not appreciate all the intricacies here - not the least of which is that Dave has pretty effectively converted the geographical layout of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland into the grid-like structure seen above. In other words: all those rivers and land-masses are more or less accurate to real life, there is a giant Hammer Brother between Main Street-Science World and Broadway, and as I live right next to Oakridge-41st, I can confirm that the hills with eyes overlooking that general region not only exist but are creepy as all hell.

Dave's got a ton of other cool stuff featured on his blog over at Dave's Geeky Ideas, which you should definitely check out. I may be showcasing more of his work in the future because, seriously, Game of Thrones hockey jerseys? Shit just got real!

[Dave's Geeky Ideas]
[Vancouver Skytrain Map]

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