Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Showcase: Brad McGinty's Anatomical Guides

"An Anatomical Guide to the Xenomorph"

"An Anatomical Guide to the Facehugger"

"An Anatomical Guide to the Predator"

[Brad McGinty]

Showcase: VGJunk's NES Games That Don't Exist

"Red Dwarf"

"Night of the Living Dead"

"Jacob's Ladder"

"American Psycho"

"Ghost World"

"Mystery Science Theater 3000"

[License Videogames That Don't Exist]
[More License Videogames That Don't Exist]
[Even More License Videogames That Don't Exist]

Showcase: Rik Oostenbroek's Next Level Series

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Rik Oostenbroek's Next Level series, featuring computer-generated versions of classic Nintendo objects, is simply stunning. Although I'm sure it'll never happen, I would love to have an actual physical version of that NES cartridge. In the meantime I would settle for a high-quality print. Shiny!

[Next Level by Rik Oostenbroek]

Triptych: Play All The Games!

"Indies Assemble" by Steve Courtney

"Captain Valve: The Animated Series" by ZeroLives

"Katamari" by Jeremy Tinder

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Showcase: Jón Kristján Kristinsson's "Use Verb on Noun" Series

Syd, Bernard, Razor and the Edisons, "Maniac Mansion" (1987)

Purple Tentacle, Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne, "Day of The Tentacle" (1993)

Sam and Max, "Sam & Max Hit The Road" (1993)

Bobbin Threadbare, "Loom" (1990)

Manny Calavera and Glottis, "Grim Fandango" (1998)

Roger Wilco, "Space Quest" (1986)

Gwydion and the Wizard Manannan, "King’s Quest III: To Heir is Human" (1986)

Prince Alexander and Vizier Abdul, "King’s Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow" (1993)

Josef, "Machinarium" (2009)

Winston Churchill and Lord Kelvin, "1899: Steam & Spirit" (2011)

Ben and Dan, "Ben There, Dan That" (2008) / "Time Gentlemen, Please!" (2009)

Jón Kristján Kristinsson's "Use Verb on Noun" series, of which this is only a small sampling, is brilliant. I have fond memories of almost all of these games, from Manannan's abuse of poor Gwydion as the latter goes about his household chores to Bobbin Threadbare's swan fixation to the wacky psychotic Edisons and Fred Edison's mutant lab assistant Purple Tentacle. Take a look at Jón's website to see the entire series.

[Use Verb on Noun]

Triptych: S.C.U.M.M. (VM)

"Corley Motors Chrome Logo" (Full Throttle) (t-shirt) by Daniel Rubinstein

"Frothy Root Beer" (The Secret of Monkey Island) by Hillary White

"Lethal Weapons" (Sam & Max Hit The Road) (t-shirt) by Scott Weston

Triptych: To. To. Ro.

"Totoro" (Minimalist Poster) by Quibé

"Totoro and Friends" (t-shirt) by Ashley Hay

"My Neighbor Kuporo" (t-shirt) by Eozen