Thursday, February 27, 2014

Double Triptych: What Time Is It?!

"Mathematical" by Jaime Alberto Ospina Miranda

"Adventure Time" by Karina Dehtyar

"Our Queen" by Michael Bisparulz

"Adventure Time Charity Painting" by Ryan Lee

"She's Got Science" by Megan Lara

"The Enchiridion" by Teeg Ketchen

Showcase: Matt Reedy's Little Golden Manga

I'm far from the world's biggest anime fan, but these three rank amongst my favorites. Just started Attack on Titan and I have to say that I'm impressed so far. The Titans are far less adorable than Matt Reedy presents them, though. They're actually pretty horrifying.

[Matt Reedy on Behance]

Monday, February 10, 2014

Showcase: Mario! Mario! Mario! by Joao Victor G. Costa

"Super Mario World" (1990)

Joao Victor G. Costa has redesigned the sprites for some of Mario's earlier appearances, and they're excellent. I would (re-)play all of these.

Forgive the quality of the blown-up .gifs... I wanted to share these in all their glory and no higher-quality versions seem to exist.

[Joao Victor G. Costa on Tumblr]

Triptych: The Game of the Doctor

"Doctor Whovio" (t-shirt) by Ryan Astle

"The Doctor, The Game" by pixel pwn

"Knitting Across Time and Space" (t-shirt) by RebelArts

Triptych: So Many Turtles

"Mega Turtles 3" (t-shirt) by LocoRoboCo

"Pixel Turtles" by Brian Ferrara

Click image for full-size
"TMNT Minis" by Rob Duenas