Monday, August 12, 2013

Triptych: Man of Rock

"Mega Man II Art Deco" by Augusto Sasa

"Mega Man X" by Zac Gorman

"Mecha Dragon" by Adam Works

Triptych: Don't Need No Healer Class

"Strong Independent Black Mage" (t-shirt) by Tchuk

"Saucer Crest" (t-shirt) by Letter Q Artwork

"Choco Billy's Chocobo Ranch" (t-shirt) by Kari Fry

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Triptych: 900 Years, 900 Posts

"This Is How We Get Daleks!" (t-shirt) by Harebrained

"The Physician In The Fez" (t-shirt) by TragicHero

"Whovi-Os" (t-shirt) by Bamboota

Yes, this is my 900th post. 900! Holy handgrenades!

Triptych: The Power of Mushrooms

"Reactive Mushroom" by c0y0te7

"Mario Mycology" (t-shirt) by Nicole Frisk

"Mario Still Life" by Elizabeth Sherry

Friday, August 2, 2013

Triptych: This May Be... The BEST Post I've Made For You So Far

"Super Sexy Burger Time" by Paul Robertson

"Square Meal Makers" by Jamie Roberts

"Cooking Nightmares" (t-shirt) by Snellby

Bit of a change of pace here, but the wife-to-be has gotten me watching all sorts of cooking competition shows - mainly Masterchef, Iron Chef and Top Chef. Of these three, Masterchef is by far the most infuriating: I don't know how much say Gordon Ramsay has in how Masterchef is edited (I'm assuming a lot) but there's something about it that drives me insane and makes me yell at my TV. There's absolutely no subtlety to it. And yet, I keep watching it. To be fair, I'm not going out of my way to watch Masterchef - Heather kind of forces these shows on me - but there's something cartoonishly entertaining about Gordon Ramsay. And so, I dedicate this Triptych to Chef Ramsay*, the angriest, most over-the-top chef the world has ever known.

* To be fair to Gordon Ramsay, the way he handled the owners of Amy's Baking Company on Kitchen Nightmares - and more to the point, the genuine, human sympathy he displayed towards their poor, abused employees - earned a ton of respect from me. If you haven't watched the episode, try and track it down. It's one of the greatest television moments of the year.

Triptych: One Shall Stand... One Shall Fall

"One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall" (t-shirt) by BiggStankDogg

"The Touch (Classic)" (t-shirt) by Synaptyx

"A Grim Find" (t-shirt) by Pinteezy

Man, there was nothing - but NOTHING - as thrilling to my seven-year-old self as hearing Optimus Prime lay down the law in Transformers: The Movie. He may as well have said to Megatron, "One of us is getting carried out of here in a body bag, and it ain't gonna be me." AMAZING. One day, I hope that someone more talented than me remakes Transformers: The Movie, using the original soundtrack and voice recording but completely revamping the animation from scratch. That would be incredible.