Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Triptych: Grim BMO

"Mononoke Time" (t-shirt) by RebelArt

"BMO" by Michael Dembitskyi

"Dead Adventure" by Joe Hogan and Mike Vasquez

Triptych: Playing Doctor

"Street Doctor" (t-shirt) by Drew Wise

"Amelia's Long Wait" by Drew Wise

"Sonic The Screwdriver : 10th Doctor Edition" by Kody Christian

Monday, April 29, 2013

Triptych: Heisenburgers

"Albuquerque Ice Kings" by CoD Designs

"8-Bit Breaking Bad" by Sergey Podsadnik

"Heisenburgers" (t-shirt) by Moysche

Triptych: Father's Day Under The Sea

"Rapture: No Gods or Kings, Only Man" by John Azzilonna

"Number One Daddy" by Haragos

"8-Bit Daddy" (t-shirt) by Alec Grosso

Showcase: G-Bit's Adventure Time NES Games

[G-Bit's Shop]

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Triptych: Red Bull Blaster

"Iron Mega" by Corey Lewis (who also does the great Sharknife comic)

"8-bit Posters: Mega Man" by Brandon Riesgo

"Sponsored Mega Man" by Ricardo Chucky

Triptych: The Winchester Bunch

"A Family Business" (t-shirt) by Nik Holmes

"Angels" (t-shirt) by Nik Holmes

"Men of Mystery" (t-shirt) by Nik Holmes

It turns out that Nik Holmes does a lot of the Supernatural fan art I've accumulated over the last few months. I didn't even realize all three of these were by the same guy until just now.

Anyway, Sam really does look like Shaggy, doesn't he?

Showcase: Video Game Quotes by GamerPrint

These have been making the rounds for a while, so you may have seen them. I'd put any one of these up on my walls.

[GamerPrint: Video Game Quotes]

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Triptych: Ni No Kuni Time!

"Mathemagical" by Pinteezy

"Mr. Drippy" (t-shirt) by Adho1982

"Another World" (t-shirt) by Drew Wise

I want to play this game so hard. Sadly, I don't currently have a PS3, so until I do, I'm out of luck.

Triptych: Starfox Is Down Nooooo

"Starfox Vintage Poster" by Barrett Biggers

"Starpuffs" (t-shirt) by Pinteezy

"Starfox" by Curtis Tiegs

Triptych: A Wolf With A Paintbrush

"Bobkami" (t-shirt) by Nathan Davis

"God Hound [Okami]" by Alessandro Marano

"Okami - Yamata no Orochi" by Caroline Lahaise

Triptych: Throw Boomerang, Get Rupees

(Click for full-size)
"The Legend of Zelda" by Timo Vihola

"The Miraculous Heart Container" (t-shirt) by Azafran

"Let Me Tell You About My Stuff" by Andy Helms

Showcase: Jimmy Rivard's Bioshock Posters


Bioshock II

Bioshock Infinite

[Jimmy Rivard on Deviantart]

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Triptych: In The Mushroom Forest

"Vintage Mario" (t-shirt) by Harebrained

"Super Red Hood" (t-shirt) by Harantula

"Yet Another Castle" (t-shirt) by Nathan Davis

Triptych: Ghibli Ghobli

"Spirit Fighter" (t-shirt) by Drew Wise

"Forest Spirit Advisory" (t-shirt) by Jason Cryer

"Nested Away" (t-shirt) by Rebel Arts