Friday, December 23, 2011

Wizard Wishes You A Merry Christmas!

"Happy Holidays" by Ken Wong

"Winter Is Coming" (t-shirt) by BustedTees

"Wizard Needs Eggnog Badly" by KC Green (Gun Show)

This will probably be my last update before Christmas, so Happy Holidays and see y'all in 2012.

Triptych: 1-Up = Zombie

"1-Up", artist unknown

"Heaven To Hell" by pokedstudio

"Zombie Gameboy" by Kody Koala

Triptych: Less Fun In Real Life

"Night of the Living 8-Bit" (t-shirt) by Raz

"Schrödinger's Cat vs. Pavlov's Dog" (t-shirt) by ThinkGeek

"Real Life" (t-shirt) by Neil Gregory

Triptych: No One Man Should Have All That Power

"Red Potion" (t-shirt) by Stephen Dye

"Courage, Wisdom, Power" by Carlos Lerma

"Inventory" (t-shirt) by spacesick

Triptych: Ghosts, Xenomorphs and Time Travellers

"Alien vs. Oswald" (t-shirt) by Bleee

"Afterlife All-Stars: The Saturn Sandworms" (t-shirt) by Andy Hunt

"Hero of Time" (t-shirt) by Ken Oliver

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Triptych: TV Party Tonight!

"Boardwalk Monopoly" (t-shirt) by CoD Designs

"Supernatural Bros." (t-shirt) by Lee Byway

"Breakin' Bad" (t-shirt) by Brinkerhoff

Showcase: 3D Retro Videogame Posters by Vasgrav

(Click for full-size)
"3D Space Invaders"

(Click for full-size)
"3D Pacman"

(Click for full-size)
"3D Tetris"

[Vasgrav's 3D Retro
Videogame Posters

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Teams Are Cool

"Teams Are Cool" by Dean Trippe


A Copper on the Edge,
the Boy Who Lived,
a Misfit from the Future,
a Madman with a Box,
the Consulting Detective,
and a Ghost Roommate.

If you're familiar with Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, you'll appreciate Dean Trippe's contemporary fan-art update. From what I can tell, the team consists of Harry Potter, The 11th Doctor, the modern-day Sherlock Holmes from Steven Moffat's BBC One series Sherlock, Annie the ghost from Being Human, Simon from Misfits series 2 forward, and... Luther? That's my best guess for the 'copper on the edge', anyway.

Here's the full-sized poster version of the piece.

Triptych: All Those Relative Dimensions!

"Whovian Institute" (t-shirt) by Winter Artwork

"T.A.R.D.I.S. Prime" by Jason Casteel

"Inspector Spacetime" by Rob Acosta

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Triptych: Rusty Venture, Boy Adventurer!

"Venture Speedsuits" (t-shirt) by Brinkerhoff

"Magic Murder Man" (t-shirt) by DevilChimp

"KILL" (t-shirt) by theSTRAY

Triptych: Screw Attack!

"Hunter's Crest" by Spitfire Illustrations

"Space Jump" (t-shirt) by Jon Kay

"Mona Aran" by Gene Kelly

Triptych: Quadrilateral!

"Future Finn at Otakon 2011" (A.K.A. the greatest cosplay in the world)

"Adventure Time!" by The Eagle Grip Technique

"Fantasy Time" by Adam Bayley

Triptych: Big Blue Box

"Police Box Storage Company" (t-shirt) by Steven Thibaudeau

"Keith Who?" (t-shirt) by beware1984

"Tennant's Timepiece Repair" by Randy Smith

John Dies At The End

Somewhat unrelated to the usual fare here at Apocalypse POW!, but I recently read Jason Pargin (A.K.A. David Wong)'s novel "John Dies At The End", and it was phenomenal. Sort of a cross between Lovecraft and Hunter S. Thompson with a dollop of Bret Easton Ellis thrown in for good measure, it's violent and trippy and altogether hilarious, and I can't recommend it enough.

Well, it turns out that it's being adapted into a film by Don Coscarelli, the man behind Bubba Ho-Tep and the Phantasm series, featuring Paul Giamatti as skeptical reporter Arnie Blondestone and Clancy Brown as (an apparently very badass) Dr. Marconi. There's no release date lined up just yet, but I can assure you that I'm pretty excited for it. Based on the trailer, it looks like it will hew pretty close to the source material, and while it has a kind of B-Horror movie vibe to it, that's sort of Coscarelli's wheelhouse and I expect he'll manage to do great things with it.

Anyway, just wanted to share that. Back to our regular programming.

Monday, December 12, 2011

More Like Apocalypse LAME! Amirite?

Yeah, so, you may have noticed that I've exceeded the bandwidth limit on my free Photobucket image hosting account, resulting in literally every single image on this site being suddenly unavailable. I'm a little annoyed, because I was not actually aware that I had a 10-gigabyte-per-month limit, but also kind of impressed, because I've hit the ceiling on my 10gb-a-month limit. So, um, thanks? Anyway, the monthly counter resets on the 21st, but hopefully I'll have a solution to this problem in place before then, so just hang in there.

UPDATE #1: So I've done a little bit of research and discovered the cause of the traffic max-out: some clueless idiot of a blogger linked directly to one of my images, which caused such an insane spike in traffic that it killed the remainder of my monthly bandwidth. Seriously... just look at this spike. I went from a couple hundred daily views of various images to 12,682 views of a single image (the Tintin in R'lyeh one, if you're curious) in the span of about two days.

Not to go off on a rant or anything here, but the first rule of not being a total jag on the internet is that you don't directly link to other people's images. I have always gone out of my way to host images myself, specifically because I didn't want to put someone else in the position that I now find myself in. The fact that this has never happened before is a pretty clear indication that the vast majority of people out there understand the basics of internet etiquette, but it only takes one inconsiderate person to wreck things for everyone else. With a blog like Apocalypse POW!, which showcases the work of other artists and creators that I think deserve more attention and applause, I don't have any rights to these images themselves, but I definitely think I have certain rights as far as the hosting of those images are concerned. So if you like something that you see here and you want to reblog it, upload it to your own host and link to that.

UPDATE #2: I've now upgraded to a Pro account on Photobucket, which is something I probably should have done a while ago, and images are back now. In the long run it'll probably be for the best, but I can't deny that I kind of resent having my hand forced like this. I've always resolutely resisted placing ads and such on my blog, partly because I'm not doing this for money and it seems a bit crass and mercenary to try and target my visitors like that, but also because I think they're just plain ugly - they break up the aesthetic of an otherwise consistent website. Having said that, as of today Apocalypse POW! is now running at a deficit, and it's all thanks to one unthinking jerk.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Showcase: Stalk-Chan's Mega Man Robotmasters

(Click for full-size)

(Click for full-size)

(Click for full-size)

Not unlike Dueling Analogs' Rejected Mega Man Villains series of strips, stalk-chan has come up with a bunch of robotic bad guys that make just as much sense as Sheep Man, Clown Man, or Magic Man. Yes, Mega Man fought a robot whose theme was clowns. That's a real thing that happened.

Mega Man Gallery

Triptych: Of Rocks and Men

(Click for full-size)
"Mega Man" by Scott Bel Castro

"The Real 'Rock' Man" by jmatchead

"Mega Man: The Server Is Down" by Mike Henry

Triptych: I Wish These Were Real Games

(Click for full-size)
"Game Design" by Andre Asai

"Fishing Ogre" by Army of Trolls

"Playing God" (t-shirt) by Aaron Hogg

Triptych: Indie Groove

"Bit.Trip" by Cory Godbey

"Peacock Rocks!" by RioRock1

"Amnesia: The Dark Descent" (poster) by SClarke2

1 Peacock is one of the characters from the upcoming indie fighting game SkullGirls, slated for an early 2012 release on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade. It looks, in a word, incredible.

2 Probably the scariest game of all time.