Thursday, September 8, 2011

MC Frontalot and Adventure Games

Did you know that MC Frontalot is designing a text adventure game? Did you know that he's been working on it for, like, ten years? This is sure to excite only a small fraction of my already-quite-miniscule readership, but let me tell you, text adventures are what I cut my gaming teeth on, and I can think of no better proponent for the genre than the eminent Frontalot. I wait with bated breath and fingers poised trembling above keyboard for his ridiculous-sounding adventure game to drop. For the time being, you can read a bit about it over at Adult Swim, where Front is interviewed on the topic of this very thing. Here's my favourite bit:
From your point of view, do people who grew up playing Gears Of War care about adventure games? I'm in a position where I end up talking to the "young people" about video games rather frequently. I have not met very many young folks who even know what an adventure game is, or if they have some kind of recognition of the term, they'll be like, "Oh, you mean Monkey Island? I know that retro stuff. My dad showed me Space Quest." Those games were an affront to adventure games when they came out because they asked us to trade out our imagination and all that great writing. I'm supposed to trade that up for these horrible VGA resolutions, barely-animated dudes walking around to the four edges of the screen and trying to click on the right pixel? Of course now, even those games evoke some kind of nostalgic reaction in me. [Laughs.] Time heals all bitterness. But I always in my heart will think of text adventures as the pinnacle of imaginative gaming.

And for good measure, here's MC Frontalot's video for "It Is Pitch Dark":

["Celeb-Nerdy: MC Frontalot Is Likely To Be Eaten By A Grue"]

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