Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goldfish, "We Come Together"

Things I learned from watching this video:
1. South African band Goldfish hate smooth jazz and cats.
2. This is how you do a referential video.
3. Slow-motion, pixellated 3D explosions are awesome.

[Mike Scott]

Monday, May 30, 2011

I Know Who I'm Voting For

“Change Poster” by Tim Doyle
(Buy prints HERE, or sticker sets HERE.)

Makes me laugh every damn time I see it.

Not The Droids

“Droids Poster” by slaterman23

A follow up to this post. YOU’RE WELCOME.


“Nintendo” by Nurse Stimpy

Triptych: Algebraic!

“Portal Time” by Madman Arca (I think?)

“Zelda Time” by Olin Mercury

“Adventure Time: The Game” by Dann Matthews

Triptych: Chart Porn

“Evil Comes In All Sizes” by Sean Mort

“Hand Prosthetics in Film, 1864-Present” by Fro Design Co.

“Everything You Need To Know About Doctor Who” by Bob Canada

Click on any of the images for the full-sized version.

Triptych: Mashups

“Chrono Tigger” by Sylvia T. Leung
“Alien Operation” by Steven Lefcourt

“Ukiyo-e Feudal Nintendo” (tattoo design) by Mari Rosa Archambault

Triptych: Portal 2 - The Portaling

“Eat Your Wheatley’s” (sticker design, t-shirts currently unavailable) by FamousAfterDeth
“Have I Lied To You?” by Ron Guyatt

“Aperture Advice: 1” by Seven Hundred

Triptych: Welcome To Rapture

“Welcome To Rapture” by Adam Benedict

“Welcome To Rapture!” by Christian Frarey

“Somewhere Beyond The Sea” by Ron Guyatt

Triptych: Mario

“Mario Brothers Plumbing Services” by Mr. Shabba
“Super Spanish Mario Inquisition” by Tiger Pixel

“Mario Boy (Mike Mignola Style)” by Scott Watanabe

Triptych: Dann Matthew's Zappers

“Lancer Zapper”
“Portal Zapper”

“Banana Zapper”

[Nintendo Lightgun Series by Dann Matthews]

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Triptych: It's-a Me!

“Super Smash Bros.: Super Mario Redesign” by JFletcher
“Mario” by ~robotpencil

“Super Winchester Brothers” by *euclase

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Triptych: Mega Mans

“Megaman Abstracto” by ~tornaku

“Termanated” (t-shirt design) by Steven Lefcourt

“20XX World’s Fair” by ~ninjaink

Triptych: Kevin Keele

“Link and Ganon”

“God of War”

“Pyramid Head”

By Kevin Keele (~kanyn)

Sci-Fi Ikea Manuals

By Caldwell Tanner (loldwell.com)

You May Have A Very Minor Case Of Serious Brain Damage

My previous assertions that I was done posting about Portal 2, like the cake, was a lie.

“What To Do When…” Desktop Wallpaper (1280x720)

“Lab Rat” Desktop Wallpaper (2560x1440)

“We’re In Spaaaaaaace” Desktop Wallpaper (1920x1080)

“Portal 2: The Long Walk” by Melimsah

Friday, May 6, 2011

4 / 8 / 15 / 16 / 23 / 42 / bird / eye / squiggly line

Remember how great Lost was, especially around seasons 2 and 3? Before they got off the island and started time-travelling and it turned out to be all about some cosmic chess game between two moral abstractions made flesh and an underground, colour-changing light fountain? Remember when crazy shit would happen and you’d be all, whoa, what the hey?! Like when Ben managed to make Locke’s Dad appear from a magic box, or Desmond shut off the fail-safe and the sky turned purple, or Locke found the glow-in-the-dark map of the island painted on the inside of the hatch door?

Man, I miss Lost.

“Polar Beer” (t-shirt design) by Ian Leino1
“Smokey” (from the “Lost: The Animated Series” series) by DrawsGood Illustration and Design2

“Locke” and “Hurley” (custom figs) by Wade Schin3

“Lost Showdowns Part I” by Scott Campbell4

“Lost Showdowns Part II” by Scott Campbell5

“Lost Tarot Deck” by gravitybomb6

1MAAAAAAAAAAAALT! Liquor. I wish this was a real thing.
2Michael B. Myers Jr. (a.k.a. DrawsGood)’s Lost: The Animated Series is something else I wish was real. I’m partial to this anthropomorphised Smoke Monster, which - let’s be honest - has a heck of a lot more personality than the vague-outlined black cloud that appeared on the show.
3I love custom toys, and Wade Schin has outdone himself with these. I wish they were mine. So much cooler than the (admittedly incredibly-sculpted) McFarlane Toys action figures of Locke and Hurley.
4From top-left to bottom-right: Sun and Jin; Charlie and a Mary statue full of heroin; Locke and The Hatch; Shannon and Vincent; Hurley and Dharma Ranch Dressing; Gun-Totin’ Sawyer and Polar Bear; Locke, Sawyer and Locke’s Dad; Ethan and Pregnant Claire; Crazy Beardy Michael, Ana Lucia and Libby; Danielle and Baby; Jack and Undead Christian; Daniel Faraday, Richard Alpert and Jughead The Bomb.
5From top-left to bottom-right: Chopper Pilot Lapidus and Ajira Flight 316 Pilot Lapidus; Kate and Juliet; Walt and The Others; Keamy, Alex and Ben; Dr. Marvin Candle\Mark Wickmund\Edgar Halliwax\Pierre Chang and Dharma Camera; Desmond and Hatch Computer; Mr. Eko and Smokey; Ben and Sleepy Widmore; Sayid and Young Ben; Hurley, Miles and the Dharma Van vs. 1970s Dharma Initiative; Bakunin and Sonic Fence; Boone and Drug-Runner’s Plane.
6These are just awesome. Tons of detail in each card. Click on the image to peruse a larger version, or here for the full-sized (3925x6000px) original.

OSKUNK!'s Videogame Munnys

“Donkey Kong” by OSKUNK!
Bomberman” by OSKUNK!

“Link” by OSKUNK!

Also, check out his rad customised Game Boy: