Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Triptych: Wreckin' It Good

"Twisted Princess: Vanellope" by Jeffrey Thomas

"Popped Culture: Wreck-It Ralph" by Dan LuVisi

"Rampage Ralph" (t-shirt) by Beware1984

The first image is from Jeffrey Thomas' Twisted Princess series, which offers a grim and gritty take on various Disney princesses. I'm not sure that Vanellope counts as a bona fide Disney princess, but hey, why not? You can read Jeffrey's write-up on his version of Vanellope here... and trust me, it's worth reading.

The second image is from Dan LuVisi's Popped Culture series, which is similar to the Twisted Princess series except that it's widened its net to include anyone from Bert and Ernie to Mike Wyzowski. You can read Dan's write-up on his bulked-up, bad-ass Ralph here, and again, the backstory explains all.

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