Friday, November 22, 2013

Showcase: Matt Ferguson's Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Series

"Doctor #1: William"

"Doctor #2: Patrick"

"Doctor #3: Jon"

"Doctor #4: Tom"

"Doctor #5: Peter"

"Doctor #6: Colin"

"Doctor #7: Sylvester"

"Doctor #8: Paul"

"The War Doctor"

"Doctor #9: Christopher"

"Doctor #10: David"

"Doctor #11: Matt"

In anticipation of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, I've been reading Marc Hearn's "Doctor Who: The Vault - Treasures From The First 50 Years" - which, by the way, is an absolutely outstanding coffee-table book, packed with tons of anecdotes and ephemera from the last half-century - and I've garnered a certain perspective on, and appreciation for, all of the actors who have played The Doctor since the show's inception. While I have seen at least one episode per Doctor in my time, my knowledge of the earlier years of the show is far from exhaustive, and the book provides excellent insight into the people who made Doctor Who happen, both in front of and behind the camera, for all its many decades.

Matt Ferguson's 50th Anniversary tribute to the Doctors does a great job of capturing each one's personality and style, from William Hartnell to Matt Smith (You'll also note that the background for each is inspired by the opening credits for that Doctor.) It just feels like a great, dignified summation of a show that has run (more or less) for five decades and been the proving ground for more than a few larger-than-life personalities.

Here's to another fifty years, Doctor!

[Matt Ferguson at Bottleneck]

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