Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Showcase: PaperBeatsScissors' Videogame Weaponry

Megaman's Blaster from "Mega Man", Twin Swords from "Tales of Symphonia", Dragon Hat from "Super Mario Land 3", Kuribo's Shoe from "Super Mario Bros. 3", Blaster from "Earthworm Jim".

Beam Katana from "No More Heroes", Vampire Killer from "Castlevania", Kali-Yuga from "Soul Calibur", RCP-90 from "Goldeneye 64", Little Mac's Glove from "Punch-Out!!!".

Keyblade from "Kingdom Hearts", Triple Red Shell from "Mario Kart", Arm Cannon from "Metroid", Star Rod from "Kirby's Adventure", Master Sword from "Legend of Zelda", Buster Sword from "Final Fantasy VII".

[PaperBeatsScissors' Tumblr]

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