Thursday, October 13, 2011

Showcase: The Minus-World's Box Art Demakes

The Minus-World website is now sadly defunct, but in their heyday they were sort of an Onion for the gamer set. They had some genuinely talented and hilarious writers and artists at their disposal and could have had a significant impact on the videogame blog scene if they'd stuck around a little longer. To my chagrin, I discovered them about a week before they went down for good; subsequently, I spent months trying to track down the above series (which I had browsed through just the once) until I finally found an archival Minus-World post somewhere on the internets. I know this sort of thing tends to get done a lot these days, but if Minus-World weren't the first to pixelate Sackboy and Isaac Clarke, they were at least one of the best.

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