Friday, October 7, 2011

Double Triptych: Kill A Robot, Get A Power

"You Got Vader Sword" by paperbeatsscissors1

"Megaman Tribute: Rock and Roll" by akimaro2

"Mega Man Tribute" by peerro

"DRN-01: Tribue" by Stephane Boutain3

"The Kitchen of Spoils" by Nate Bear4

"Rockman" by RioRock

1 I do realise that Darth Vader is a cyborg and not a robot, but how bad-ass would Megaman have been with a lightsaber?
2 I didn't notice it until now, but the random shapes in the background are stylised icons of each of the Robot Masters that Megaman fights in the first game: Cut Man (scissors), Guts Man (boulder), Ice Man (snowflake), Bomb Man (lit bomb), Fire Man (flame) and Elec Man (lightning bolt).
3 The DRN-01 of the title refers to the fact that Dr. Light originally built the Robot Masters for the good of mankind and only later were they reprogrammed by Dr. Wily for his own nefarious purposes: Cut Man (DRN-003) was designed for land reclamation work, Fire Man (DRN-007) for waste disposal, and Ice Man (DRN-005) for exploration of sub-zero environments. In keeping with this, DRN-001 would refer to the template Robot Master, Megaman himself. You can read more about this at Wikipedia's Robot Masters section (Yeah, I had no idea that there was this much backstory to Megaman either).
4 I love the idea that Megaman would primarily use his hard-gained powers to accomplish a variety of mundane, everyday tasks.

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