Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where's My Jetpack?

Just a quick status update: Apocalypse POW! is still alive, but your humble blogger has had far too much on his plate to update in the last couple of weeks - a situation which will be remedied shortly, I assure you.

As for what I've been up to, here's an overview:

· 12/26/09: Assisted my mother in the purchase of a new laptop and wireless router.
· 12/27/09 - 12/28/09: Set up and configured said laptop and router for said parent.
· 12/29/09 - 12/31/09: Preparation for, and execution of, New Year's Eve plans (which mostly involved drinking extensively - on all three days - and watching TRON).
· 1/1/10: A hungover viewing of the Doctor Who season finales, and joint teary farewells to David Tennant, with my roommate.
· 1/2/10 - 1/3/10: The purchase of parts for, and assemblage of, a new HTPC\web server\gaming rig.
· 1/4/10: Start of the school semester.
· 1/5/10 - present: Your standard chaotic first week of classes.

So there you have it.  I am, naturally, very excited about the new rig and getting caught up with all the PC games that have come out since 2004 (which was the last time I was able to play anything new) and subsequently getting even more manic and obsessed with the state of gaming as it stands in 2010.  I've already started playing Batman: Arkham Asylum and Fallout 3 and could not be more impressed with either.  But I'll save my philosophical ruminations on both for a later date.

Also of note (and a brief tale of the origins of Apocalypse POW!):

Sometime in 2010 - hopefully sooner rather than later - this blog will be shifting over to a new domain and joining the Hit Points web family.

The Hits Points is a geek-rock band started by my exceptionally-talented brother Jordan (who is also a webcomic artist!) and Kevin Gau, lead singer of The Left.   Their songs range, in theme and lyrical content, from 8-bit gaming nostalgia to dating a fellow Dungeons & Dragons player to just how mind-bogglingly old Cthulhu is (clue: very old,) and so on, and though I am clearly biased and not in a position to be objective, I'm of the opinion that they sound pretty god-damned great.

About a year ago, around the time the band formed and they were still in the song-writing phase, Jordan, Kevin and I were throwing around ideas for album titles.  I suggested "Apocalypse POW!", which they liked, but there was no way of knowing whether or not they would ever end up using it at that stage, and since I considered it a far-too-brilliant name to pass up just like that, I decided to adopt it as the name of my new blog instead.

Well, it's now a year later and Jordan and Kev are in the studio, putting the final touches on their debut album.  It seems more likely than not that they'll go with the Apocalypse POW! title, which is cool, but will potentially create some cognitive dissonance, so what we've worked out is that we'll be establishing a central blog hub (and by we, I mean myself) which will host a number of affiliated blogs: this one, the official Hit Points blog, a film blog, and possibly others.  

So, exciting developments in the mix.  Watch this space!

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