Friday, April 20, 2012

Double Triptych: Agro!

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"Little Nemo and the Tall Man" by Niko Geyer1

"Go, Wander, Go!" by Luiz Felipe2

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"My Little Colossus" by Blondeyetti3

"Shadow of the Patapon" by Vitor Caneco4

"SOTC" by Maitaboris

"Shadow of the Munny" by Matthew Ellison5

1 Who doesn't love Little Nemo? The pairing of Nemo and a Colossus is genius, for the record.
2 A Shadow of the Colossus\Mother 3 mashup. Nothing more to say except I like how well this captures the tone and spirit of both games. And the querying "Is there a bug on me?" question mark over the Colossus' head.
3 I am not a brony. I honestly do not get that weird little niche subculture of 20- and 30-year-old dudes who are really into MLP:FIM. That said, I thought this pony Colossus was some fine work, from the mossy patches to the glowing section on the rump.
4 I've never actually played Patapon, but this looks about right.
5 I've been getting back into vinyl custom figures lately and I came across this in my internet travels. Very nice work.

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