Thursday, March 22, 2012

Triptych: Fist Bump!

"DovahFinn" by RadioStarKiller 1

"Community Time!" (t-shirt) by PowerPig 2

"Adventure Time Thinks With Portals" by TrebleChibi 3

1 I have studiously avoided posting any Skyrim-themed work here. While I haven't played it yet - and I assume that it is a fantastic game - the internet is already full of Skyrim references and memes, and as with certain other games (Pokemon and Angry Birds, to name two), I have a knee-jerk reaction against contributing to any of that. But this was so great, I couldn't pass it up.
2 Strange that I never noticed it before, but Troy and Abed's friendship is pretty similar to Finn and Jake's. Their bond is adventure.
3 What's up with all these Portal\Adventure Time mashups? It's like peanut butter and chocolate, I tell you.

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