Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Triptych: The Happiest Boss Fight On Earth

"Metroid Disney" by Drew Wise 1

"Donald Duck Hunt" (t-shirt) by PapaPrime 2

"Disney Steampunk: Pinocchio" by Mecanique Fairy 3

1 Walt Disney's frozen head would make a great final boss.
2 Part of Threadless' Donald Duck T-Shirt Design Challenge. So, not technically a t-shirt yet, but one can always hope.
3 I have very mixed feelings on the whole steampunk thing, and I'm not sure this really qualifies as 'steampunk' anyway, despite the artist's best intentions. Rather, with the mechanical body parts and the hologram of Jiminy Cricket, I'd be inclined to label this as transhumanist - Or at least, I would, if Pinocchio was made out of flesh and blood rather than wood. Either way, steampunk leanings aside, I think Mecanique Fairy's Steampunk Disney series is quite well done.

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