Monday, December 5, 2011

Triptych: The Best Of The Best

"Boardwalk Tin Man" (t-shirt) by Jeffro Kilpatrick1

"Walker Bait3" (t-shirt) by cubik2

"Beaker Bunsen" (t-shirt) by Dann Matthews3

1 Richard Harrow is easily the best character on Boardwalk Empire. You can have your Chalky Whites and your Nelson Van Aldens: I'd watch an entire series of Richard Harrow rasping his sad thoughts and shooting mofos with his trained-marksman's badassitude.

2 This is for my dad, who I discovered was watching The Walking Dead after he posted "Walker Bail LOL" as his Facebook status. It's a shame we have to wait until February for more TWD after that insane mid-series finale.

3 Hey, know what I saw on Friday? The Muppets. Damn, that was a great movie.

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