Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chomping At The Bit

I haven't posted any vinyl customs lately, but I'm really taken by Jared "NikeJerk" Cain's "Chomping At The Bit" series of Super Mario Bros.-themed toys. Makes me wish I had more money to spend on custom figures, in fact. Check out the link for more examples of his excellent work.

"Block Head Mario and Luigi", "Pixel Mario and Luigi",
"Standard Mario and Luigi", "Wario and Waluigi"
(dunnys) by NikeJerk

"Koopa Troops Set" (labbits) by NikeJerk

"Thwomp" (madl) by NikeJerk

"Chain Chomp" (bud) by NikeJerk

["Chomping At The Bit"
Flickr stream by NikeJerk]

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